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Germantown Programs | (301) 916-4200

Tae Kwon Do

You will learn the following:

Forms | Breaking | Stretching | Olympic Sparring

and of course Mental/Physical discipline


Tae Kwon Do is a Korean Martial Art, it translates to the way of kicking punching and blocking.  We are a Kukkiwon associated school teaching the WTF brand of Tae Kwon Do.

Haidong Gumdo

You will learn the following:

Forms | Cutting | Candle blowing | Sparring | Meditation

and of course Mental/Physical discipline


Haidong Gumdo is a new sword based Martial Art. Much like Taekwondo, it was formed 20 years ago as a way of bringing historical Korean Sword Arts back to life, while invigorating them with new material and training methods.  World Haidong Gumdo Federation president Kim Jeong Ho learned the Arts that became Haidong Gumdo through instruction by Grand Master Jang Baek San in the late 1970's.  Grand Master Kim had received his initial training in Gumdo, or Korean Kendo (the Japanese Sword Art/sport) but Grand  Master Kim felt that the Art was too Japanese, and focuses on one-on-one sparring. He left the leadership of the Korean Gumdo Association to form his own.

After school program

- During the school year, Mondays to Fridays

- Germantown From 4pm to 6:30 pm


A Plus Tae Kwon Do After School Program offers homework help and Tae Kwon Do Class daily for children K to 8th


We look forward to helping your child create new friendships, build self-esteem, get plenty of physical fitness and most important, have fun!



Safe Environment | Transportation | Homework Help

Taekwondo Class | Games & More

All day camp (No school day except National Holiday)

Start anytime registering fee $50

Full time $110 per week

- Sibling discount 10% off during school year

- Referral discount $15 off for first week (new members only)

- Free uniform (new members only)

- No Early release addition fee

- All day camp fee is just $10 per day 

  (ex. Professional day, Teacher Work day or etc…)

- Additional fees may be charged for special activities or field trips

Fill out an application today!


Seasonal Camp

Spring Break camp/ Summer Camp


- Field trips (weather permitting)

- Spring break camp (during Easter Holiday)

- Summer Camp (June to August)

- 8am to 5pm Theme will be from (10:00am to 4:00pm)

- K to 8th

- About $180 to $200 for 1 week

- Need one day? $45

- $25 Deposit to reserve your spot for each week

- Students bring lunch, snack and drinks

- Working parents – Extended hours available

- Full day camp available from Monday to Friday

- Highly Trained and caring Instructors

- Daily Tae Kwon Do Class, Game, Arts & Crafts, Field Trips

- Friday Pizza Party or Ice cream party and movie and much more


Hundreds of A Plus Families have discovered our program helps their children;

1. Earn better Grades

2. Experience Higher Self-Esteem

3. Develop personal Discipline

4. As well as Leaving how to set and Achieve Goals

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