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A Plus Taekwondo will close due to weather condition.

Dear. A Plus Family

Due to inclement weather conditions, A Plus Taekwondo Studio scheduled programs, classes that begin at 4:30p.m. or later are canceled today (Jan.8).

"WEATHER: It looks like there will likely be a period of light freezing rain or sleet later this afternoon into this evening. Because of the very cold ground temperatures anything that falls will freeze on roads and sidewalks.

TEMPERATURES: Temperatures this afternoon should make it up into the low 30s and remain there or in the upper 20s overnight. Tomorrow should be sunny with temperatures climbing into the 40s."

Stay warm and be safe!

Hopefully, we can see you tomorrow at regular time.

If you have any questions please contact Ms. Yoon at or call 301-916-4200 (Germantown)/ 301-390-2201 (Mitchellville).

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